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The CW Plus is the national feed of The CW, owned by The CW Network, LLC (a joint venture between WarnerMedia and CBS Corporation, which each maintain a 50% ownership interest),[1] that is primarily carried on digital subchannels and pay television outlets. The service is intended for areas ranked below the top 99 television markets in the United States designated by Nielsen Media Research. In addition to carrying CW network programming Monday through Friday and Sunday in daytime and prime time, as well as its Saturday morning educational programming block, The CW Plus runs a mix of syndicated and brokered programs.

The CW handles programming and promotional services for The CW Plus at its corporate headquarters in Burbank, California (marketing services were handled through a separate division for the service until March 2008, when these operations were transferred to The CW's marketing department due to layoffs imposed by the network[2]); centralcasting operations for the CW Plus affiliates are hubbed at the California Video Center in Los Angeles(later in Los Lomas). From debut to 2022 or 2023, most promo are data and only end with announcers saying the shows being aired at the timeslot right here on The CW. But in 2023, It now decides that The CW allowed the CW Plus stations logo to be shown but the only on the CW announcers is still shown.

Programming Schedule

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